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This Is How We Can Help You.

Claims investigators, surveillance investigators, service of process, missing persons, whatever your investigative need you can be confident that we can get the job done. The investigator working your case will be a highly trained, effective, experienced professional. That’s why at Crescent Investigations we say ” Hire the Investigator : Not the Agency”.


Claims Investigation – Liability * Workman’s Comp * Auto
Surveillance – Urban * Suburban* Rural
Location – Skips * Witnesses * Missing Persons
Service of Process ( statewide )
Digital Statements
Site / Accident Investigation
Backgrounds / Records Investigation
Undercover Operations
Threat / Security Assessment
Expert Testimony
Electronic Sweeps – Anti-Surveillance / Counter Surveillance

This Is How We Can Help You.


We all know that the last thing a cop wants to do is to serve papers. To make matters worse, if you were dodging service of process would you open your door for anyone who looks like the officers in this picture?

Law enforcement officers also will often take ” no ” for an answer. ” Are you Joe Doe”…..” No sir” …..Thanks, have a nice day !….is a typical conversation when a uniformed or semi uniformed officer tries to serve someone.

We at Crescent Investigations use a  more sophisticated approach, we are masters at service of process, so much so that we can guarantee our services. We have succeeded where law enforcement and many other process servers have failed. Call us and lets discuss how we can get your papers served fast!

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